M A N U E L 

V A N 

D E 


Making beautiful compositions and combining foodstyling and props is my greatest passion, the ultimate way of presenting has something magical.

W H A T  C A N  I  

D O  F O R  Y O U ?          

My philosophy

Whether it's about making a commercial, an editorial, or table tops, for me it's all about creating  the perfect and unique atmosphere. With respect for the design and the client’s wishes, delivering a tailor made solution. 

Food styling

The product should always be the star of the production. When you cook and style with passion, with a professional eye for detail and knowledge how it is going to look like on print or film, the subject is getting all the love and attention it deserves. 

Liquid styling

Special techniques are required when working with liquids. Bottles and glasses need to be prepared for example, so beautiful dewdrops can be added. Need a nice foam on your beer? No problem. Thanks to my years of experience, there are no secrets anymore. Cheers! 

Prop styling

Combining food styling and props is my greatest passion. Making beautiful compositions with fabrics, backdrops, cutlery and crockery etc, to create the perfect look and feel.

Pure and simple or over the top bombastic, you name it, i'll do it.